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The Nechako Watershed portal is a community data catalogue that brings together a wide range of information and types of data. It is built around a map, where each entry is spatially-linked, and users can search keywords or geographic areas, build reference ‘projects’ that bring together data from different initiatives, and share information, experiences and observations of the Watershed with portal users. The types of data accepted by the portal is broad, and submitters have control over who can see their submissions.

This ‘made in the Nechako’ portal tool has been developed by the team members and research partnerships linked to UNBC’s Integrated Watershed Research Group , and is now being expanded and enhanced through closer collaboration with the Nechako Watershed Roundtable. There is a wide variety of data, information and resources that can be shared through the portal, and anyone submitting or sharing information in the Nechako Watershed portal has full control over who can see their submissions. 



The Nechako Watershed portal is one of several portals in BC using the same OpenSource web-based application, that has been created, expanded, and maintained since 2007 by computer developers, First Nations, researchers and other watershed groups since 2007. The OpenSource model means that everyone benefits from new developments with the portal, and the portal continues to be enhanced by a broad range of ideas from different user groups. This ensures equitable access to information and data management, that adheres to the important First Nations principles of OCAP® (ownership, control, access and possession).


To learn more and sign up for an account on the portal, visit .



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