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Youth engagement is a key function of the Nechako Watershed Roundtable to plan for the future of the Nechako Watershed. Through the Youth Engagement Working Group, the NWR aims to support youth engagement for the long-term, in a way that is meaningful and valuable to youth. The NWR recognizes the importance of youth engagement being youth led and strives for opportunities to share youth voices, strengthen relationships within the watershed, and build a valuable team of individuals that are passionate about the health of the land and water around them.

The working group provides opportunities for Core Committee and Roundtable members to engage with youth as future partners and colleagues with the support from community partnerships. In addition to supporting youth engagement work throughout the Nechako Watershed, the working group also facilitates its own projects, including the completed NWR Youth Video Project and the Annual NWR Youth Canoe Trip. 

By engaging youth in project-based work within the Watershed, the Youth Engagement Working Group has the potential to be both an educational tool, and an opportunity for youth to be involved and heard in their communities. To reflect a strong commitment to meaningful youth engagement, the Youth Engagement Working Group is working towards providing opportunities for youth to be involved on a regular and long-term basis by participating in annual meetings, semi-regular working group and core committee gatherings, and the ongoing planning for events like the Annual Youth Canoe Trip. 

We want to hear from youth interested in participating in NWR discussions and activities:




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